Perfect weekend in beautiful Michigan

What a beautiful weekend for an endurance ride. Patty had driven about 7 hours from Dayton, Ohio to the camp location near a little town about half way up the mitten of Michigan on the west side of the state. Our intention was for Patty to ride both days with the hope of doing 50 miles each day. I found a place to catch everyone coming out the woods on their first loop and tried to get everyone the first day.

A tiny little virus sabotages our weekend of riding and photography

That evening at awards, Patty came down with a virus. It was similar to what our son’s girl friend had a week or two ago and another person, Patty’s school librarian had also had. She could hardly stand up with everything spinning. So took care of everything for the rest of the evening. She decided she would not be able to ride again on the second day, so I started packing up to head home. Next day was just as bad so it was the right decision.

Here is the link to all the trail photos from the first day:

White River Endurance and CTR ride in Michigan 6/14/14


Peter DeMott Photography
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