A well-loved horse

You don’t take any day for granted when your horse is 27 years old. Incino is getting on in years and Priscilla wants to have a remembrance of him and the many wonderful times they have had together.

A horse crazy young girl entered the picture

Many years earlier a horse crazy young girl, Rachel came to Priscilla’s house selling magazines for a fundraiser in school. Her dad was driving her around in the country visiting houses and trying to sell her magazine program, but this house was different. Rachel ask Priscilla, “Is there a horse back there in your barn?” with trembling and excitement in her voice.  “Would you like to go see him?” said Priscilla and so started a long relationship between Priscilla, Rachel, and the horse Incino who they both love.

Horse and rider portrait

As you can see Rachel is no longer 8 years old. Priscilla has been riding since she was 8 as well. I was so impressed that Priscilla was so willing to bring along a young girl and let her ride her horse for so many years.

They both loved on this horse and you could see that he just soaked in the affections

girl kissing horse

Rachel wanted to tell a story of a girl in a dress, but who was ready to ride so she pulled up her dress to show her riding boots. What a fun portrait session telling the story of this horse and the people who love him.

Girl in dress with horse

Thanks Priscilla and Rachel for letting me document your relationship to each other and to this lovely, friendly, and easy-going horse.

1/2 Lipizan and 1/2 Thoroughbred

Priscilla with Incino horse and rider portrait

Older horse in pasture



Peter DeMott Photography
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