Once she tried it she was hooked

A friend introduced my wife to quilting. She visited the Missouri Star Quilting Co and watched some of their really fun instructional videos and from there it was like binge watching an entire series on TV. One of the nice things about the Missouri Star Quilting Co. is that they pre-cut things and match them up to make for some wonderful quilts.

The Legacy of a Quilt

Patty is making quilts as gifts. How special is that! It is something that people will cherish for a very long time.

Here is a quilt she made for our granddaughter.

Quilt for Layla

Portraits are a Legacy too

It made me think of portraits that I have taken for people. One family that I photographed almost lost their son. He was in ICU for weeks with a rare thing that put him closed to the edge of death several times. Many were praying for him and finally it was over and he recovered. I did a family session at their home with all the family members including him and his fiance’ at the time. It is beautifully framed and on a wall in their family room 30×40 in canvas. That portrait will be a cherished Legacy for that family. I cannot imagine them without this portrait of their dear family and it was so very close to never happening.

We have portraits and photography all over our home

We have portraits of all the kids, but we also have portraits of Patty’s parents, my parents, and even grandparents and great-great-grandparents. We also have things like adventures we have done as a family.

My Parents

Capturing adventures

Parents and great grandparents


Printing your pictures of your family adventures is important

So much today, people are sharing images on social media. But, many times they are forgetting about having the best ones, the special and important images, printed to display in their homes. The photography industry and the news are both talking about this current generation becoming the LOST GENERATION. Even historians are talking about how difficult it will be compared to even WWII. The reason is because everything is digital and has to be maintained. One little mistake and they are gone forever. Printed images last for generations and do not disappear if there is a thunder-storm of when your phone gets wet. Speaking of phones getting wet…

Accidents happen and hard drives crash

My wife accidentally dumped her cell phone into a horse water bucket about a week ago.  We had insurance and a new phone was on the way, but what about the images on the phone? We put the phone in rice to take out the moisture, and we were ultimately able to save all 2,493 images onto her new phone before shipping it off to the insurance provider. It was a very difficult task as the onscreen buttons were going nuts as were working on getting the images transferred to the new phone.

I hope you will protect your legacy by printing out your images and having portraits made.


Peter DeMott Photography
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