Quick pixellation

My wife was on an important call for about 15-20 minutes when I arrived home from work on Friday. She said as she continued her conversation, “Can you check on Pixel, she sounds like she is into something.” I walk around the corner into our family room and see our basket the stack of current magazines have been completely pixellated.

Pixel the Aussi-Doodle


The next morning my photographer friend Susan Getz, who is a pet photographer – Dog Patch Pet Photography, invited us to her studio. Pixel was modeling some special toys for a pet toy company that Susan was doing some photography for. It was a fun session and we got a couple of portraits of Patty and I with Pixel along the way.

Check out those eyes

Peter DeMott Photography - Pixel the dog


Patty with Pixel

Peter with Pixel


Susan has some great noises that she makes that get them every time

I love what Susan was able to do and how Pixel reacted to the sounds by tilting her head and perking her ears. Is that cute or what?

Pixel the dog


Today, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a wire pen. The crate that we were using to house train Pixel was looking very cramped. I purchased the biggest one. Although Pixel is not as big as the box suggested for that cage, I can see her feet and her long and lanky legs. She will be growing into those soon.

So that is today’s episode of the adventures of Pixel the photographer’s dog.

Peter DeMott Photography
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