Ohio in late February and in March

This is the most frustrating time of year for location photographers and for horse owners. I’m hoping to make things different for me with the addition of my country barn studio in coming months, but that won’t change things for my equine portrait clients here in Ohio.

So what is the frustration with on location senior portrait photography and equine photography in Ohio in February and March?

All through the winter in Ohio we have had rain and very little snow this season. Everything is gray and dreary and nobody really wants to be outside. When it snows a lot, there is enough photogenic things outside to motivate me to bundle up and go outside. You will find some great posts about taking pictures in snow on this website, but this year we have had mostly rain, rain, and more rain and the snow has not been here in quantities that would be worth of my effort to photograph.

Then next season before things start greening up is the MUD season in Ohio. Horses are caked with mud and still have their furry winter coats. Just cleaning a horse to ride them can be a monumental task, let alone trying to get them ready to take pictures. We have to wait for their winter coats to shed so that nice summer, shiny, beautiful coat of fur shows before the equine photography (on location portraits at your barn or stable) begins.

I hope that there are many people anticipating the green grass and foliage that can make for great on location photography sessions. If you own a horse and you want beautiful pictures just call me as soon as their winter coat is gone. Don’t wait for summer. Sometimes people wait and finally call me after everything is starting to burn out. The grass is not as green. Finding good places for the portraits becomes more challenging (I can do it, but it can be more challenging).

Here is an example of a portrait taken later in the season. No pretty grass to be found here, but we were able to find a good backdrop on the porch of one of the stables.

I’m looking forward hearing from you soon as the weather changes here in Ohio.

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