Bad Weather on Thursday Night was not a foretelling of the weekend to come

When we arrived on Thursday night to set up camp it was raining hard and consistently. It was warm rain even though the weather had been rather cold in the days leading up to this event. Setting up in the rain is no longer a big deal for us. We had been used to sleeping in the back of a two-horse bumper pull trailer, swept out with cots added. Now we have a two-horse SHADOW gooseneck trailer with living quarters. Once we were set up, Patty was able to vet in and then we both got into warm dry clothing to sleep in a warm dry bed with thermostat controlled gas heat. Oh! My! Gosh! This completely changes the experience of going to AERC Endurance rides.

Driving in the scenery was beautiful with deep oranges, reds and bright yellows

Along with the rain came some very strong winds. I was wondering if all the color in the woods was going to be gone by morning. In the morning we woke up dry and warm, bundled up and Patty tacked up her horse Merlot. After Patty was up on her horse, I started exploring some places to photograph. The leaves were still on the trees. As the sun rose,  the color intensified.

To see all the pictures and to order photos for yourself or your friends click on this link: SPOOK RUN AERC Endurance Ride





One thing that I do when I am the official photographer at Endurance Rides is offer to take portraits each evening. You never know just how important an image like this can become. Staci Collins has asked me each year now with these lovely results this time around. Since I am already there, there is no farm call fee. You just order from the online gallery.


Peter DeMott Photography
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