I noticed something had gotten PIXELATED by our dog Pixel.

This camera bag has lasted many, many years protecting my gear for on location portrait sessions, horse and rider shoots at farms and stables, and senior portrait sessions and even endurance rides. But, the strap could not withstand the pixelator puppy Pixel who is now the size of a standard poodle and loves chewing.


I think Pixel is telling me that she wants me to take more pictures of her.

Who? Me? This is her saying, “Who, Me?”


Um, WHO...Me? Guilty as charged!

What are your thoughts about what this may indicate?


What would Cezar Millon say about Pixel’s naughty behavior.

Do you think that Lowepro camera bag company will replace my strap due to pixelation?

Tell me you thoughts in the comments below.

Update to the Pixelization of my Lowepro camera bag strap by Pixel

I sent LowePro an email showing them what Pixel had done to my camera bag strap. They sent me an email asking more about the bag and then today I got this in the mail.

IMG_0445   IMG_0446

They sent me a new strap without charge. Wow! that is great customer service. I’ve had that bag for over 10 years.

THANKS LowePro for being the great camera bag company that you are.


Peter DeMott Photography
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