It was actually pretty fun to explore the various PINs from this website onto Pinterest. Pinterest is a pin board for photography. Although it does provide a link to my site and a citation under the photograph as to where the photo came from, I am also glad that I have chosen to put my copyright, name and web site on every portrait that I put on the web.

Here is a portion of the page and link so you can see:  PINS for photosbypdemott

Pins from Photosbypdemott

It is also fun to see the different pages that the photographs are pinned to:

• Senior picture ideas

• Equine Portraits

• Picture ideas

• Senior Picture Photography

• Senior picture posing ideas

• Ideas for Senior Pictures

• Senior picture ideas

and more..

When I click on one of my photographs that has been PINNED, it shows the image like this:

There are sometimes comments under the photographs like this one, “Great ideas found here” and my web site is hot-linked above the image. In addition you can tweet the image of drop it into Facebook or perhaps embed in on your blog or web site. I am assuming that the hot link remains when the images are embedded this way. It also shows the first person to PIN the image and also if the image has been re-pinned 2 times (or however many times people have re-pinned it under various categories).

Since the pins point back to this website, and since I have my name a web site on every portrait that I post here, I guess that I can count it as free advertising.

Not everything is peachy keen though. I see some pins that have copyright information chopped off or which reference “uploaded by user” even when it is clear the user who created that particular board is not the person who actually created the image. By downloading and then uploading the image instead of pinning the image, the reference website is effectively removed. If copyright information is also removed there is then no way to track the photograph to the original source. As I looked at the Pinterest terms of service, this is both copyright infringement and Pinterest abuse and it can be reported. If someone is reported doing this more than a time or two, they can be banned from the site or removed.

I think I will have to try Pinterest soon. Are YOU a member of Pinterest? Are you enjoying creating some pin boards? Have you seen people abusing the terms of service on Pinterest? What is your take on this new sharing utility?

Peter DeMott Photography
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