So fun to be able to do the senior portraits for two people in the same family 

I photographed Liz Mahan a couple of years ago and received a call from Mrs. Mahan to photograph her other daughter  as well. I also appreciate what that says about what they think about my work in photography. Melissa Mahan was lovely for the session and brought a perfect variety of outfits for the time we had to shoot.

You’ll have to excuse me, it’s been some time since I have posted on my blog. I’m hoping to get back up to speed starting with this post. The web site has been updated to be more mobile friendly and I have added a few things along the way. But, I have to gather some more information about Melissa and I will add more as soon as I get the more to share.

With each outfit we walked around the park finding fun and interesting poses to photograph. Several people on Facebook have commented on her lovely smile.

Melissa Mahan by woods

The natural tones of this outfit matched perfectly with the post and wood along with the beautiful plants at the Wegerzyn Garden Center.

Soft warm colors

If you look at my portrait work, generally speaking you will not see a lot of “fad” styling and gimmicky props. If there are going to be props, they need to say something about the person and it needs to be something they relate to. My goal is to capture my subject in a way that will be pleasing and will not be out of style next year or two years from now. The last thing that I want if for a portrait to come off the wall and be placed in the back of the closet because it has gone out of style.

Melissa on park bench

Melissa's great smile

I had a great time with Melissa and her mom making portraits that will last. In a couple of weeks I will have another senior portrait from another family who had their son’s portraits made a couple of years ago.

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