Earlier in the year I put up a page to give away a free equine portrait session.

TWO DAYS! Now I have selected a winner, however I just have email addresses and names. I am concerned that the winner’s email system might send my announcement to a junk folder, or someone may just be in a hurry and click the TRASH button before realizing that they are the winner.

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Equine Portrait Gallery – Gallery LINK

Therefore, THE WINNER of the free equine session has TWO DAYS to respond by email once I email to them. After two days I will select another winner and so on until someone acknowledges with a reply email.

Here are the requirements to be a winner:

  1. You own or ride a horse that we can photograph with you
  2. Your horse is within one hour of my location (or you may choose to pay a mileage fee and still receive the prize package at no charge)
  3. You respond to my announcement / email within TWO days. If the announcement is more than two days old and another person has accepted the prize, you are no longer the winning entry.

HERE IS THE FIRST DRAWING and date of drawing:

Tonija Fidler – Announced 5/12/16 – No reply

Daniel Wiesman – Announced 5/17/16 -Yeh! We have a winner. In the next week or two look for images of a 28 year old thoroughbred and its owner Daniel.


Peter DeMott Photography
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