Saturday September 12th from 5pm – 9pm Learn Equine Portrait Photography

For several months now, a photographer in Columbus has been asking me to get together with him so that he could learn more about doing equine portraits in a hands-on mentoring type learning environment. This is very short notice, but I have scheduled this event for this weekend September 12th from 5pm-9pm at my home near Germantown, Ohio. (If you want to see it on a map, there is a map on my studio rental page).

Cocoa Headshot(1500)   RR3D1711(1500)   Rider with Horse

If you would like to be able to shoot with a model provided (horse and rider) and talk about augmenting light, shutter speeds, posing, and just getting good images from a equine and rider session,  I have decided to open this event to others with a limit of 4 participants for this weekend. This is not a full course on the business of equine photography, but if you are a hands-on learner and find watching videos or reading books to be less effective for your learning style this could be the type of getting started mentoring event that you have been looking for.

What we will cover

We will start out with horse in hand portraits using a model or my wife with her beautiful arab horses. We will try out and shoot while discussing:

• Posing and lighting including flash and reflectors

• Discuss shutter speed, composition, backgrounds

• We will work on getting expression in both the human and the equine subjects. We will discuss instructions for the human to make them more comfortable and to keep things safe.

• We will discuss and shoot trying to capture the emotional connection of horse and rider

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Conformation and horse only portraits

• We will take some shots under saddle and then some horse only portraits discussing and shooting 3/4 view head & shoulder portraits and full horse conformation type images.


After we do all that, answering all your questions along the way, we will move to my office and post process the images from RAW to finished JPGs ready for sale.

If YOU would like to join this paid event, please TEXT me at 937-478-6222 telling me who you are and requesting the price for your consideration. As I said, I am limiting this the 3-4 shooters so this will definitely be hands-on experience with practice and instruction.

Afterwords we will create PRIVATE and INVISIBLE Facebook group to share images and get some feedback over the coming weeks.

Again, If YOU would like to join us for this paid event, please TEXT me at 937-478-6222


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