The weather turned out great for the Kentucky Die Hards Endurance Ride at the Shake Village, November 22, 2014. Although it was in the teens earlier in the week, on the day of the ride it got into the upper 50s.

Entire Families Join the Fun

We always talk about how to get more people involved in endurance riding. This can certainly be a family sport. I have several videos from the vet check to share before you get to the photo gallery link below. Also find this group in the photo gallery below. Each junior rider has a sponsor rider who is older riding with them. I think that some of the grand parents helped to pit crew for the kids and brought them donuts and drinks at a nearby picnic table. The ponies were adorable and quite well-behaved.




Great weather for the riders, a bit warm for some of the very furry horses

Although it was very cold the week prior the Kentucky Die Hards Endurance Ride at Shaker Village, the day of the ride warmed up significantly into the high 50s.


Furry and Some Hot Horses

The temperatures were great for the riders, but a bit warm for some of the very furry horses. All the horses were extra furry because of the cold weather of the last several weeks and several horses were pulled from the competition at the vet checks due to slow recovery times and possible dehydration concerns. Several were tubed with electrolytes and did just fine. With temps in the upper 50s and a nice breeze most of the day, some horses just got a bit too hot and with some you could not even see that they were sweating due to their winter coats.


Injured Rides and the Helping Hands of Other Participants

There were a couple of riders who were dumped off their horses due to spooks. Reports are that one of these riders cannot remember most of the ride. Helmets are always encouraged at endurance rides and I did not see any riders not wearing a helmet at this ride. As a photographer, I am aware that AERC will not put photographs on the cover of Endurance News of rides who are not wearing their helmets (and they must wear correctly too with a snug strap). Having cell phones is a great asset to the safety of these rides as well, when cell phone coverage is available. Several riders stayed with one person until help arrived. Those who stayed with the injured rider, said that many stopped and asked what they could do to help. A big thank you from all of us to the riders who stayed with injured riders when needed. It says a lot about the camaraderie in this sport. Helmets, cell phones and riding with others are all good policies and were all very helpful at this ride.


Photography as remembrance of your great ride

Here is the link to the photos that I took throughout the day. Sorry to those who stayed with the injured rider as I missed photographing several of you due to your delay. I try to photograph all riders if possible. You can purchase anything from wallets to 30×40 Canvas prints for wall decor. If you want Facebook images, you can send me a note and I will prepare Facebook images of any photography you have purchased.  Also, do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions before ordering: 937-478-6222


LINK TO PHOTO GALLERY – Kentucky Die Hards Endurance Ride 2014


Here are a couple of the very young junior riders at this ride. You can see their entire band of riders in the photos linked above. These are just a sneak peek.

Kids and Endurace

Both of these junior riders had a smile on their faces throughout the ride.

kids and endurance2

Peter DeMott Photography
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