I had a great time shooting at the Indy-Run Endurance Ride the weekend of May 13-14, 2016


We took Friday off to head over to the ride and arrived as the last riders were coming in from the first day. Sorry to those who only rode on Friday, but Friday rides do not work out for us to well while school is still on. Patty is a teacher and taking two days off during the last couple of weeks of school is something she does not want to do.

On Saturday, however, I felt that I had taken pictures of almost everyone at least once, and some people I photographed multiple times.

It was overcast and windy most of the day. I the woods, overcast works better for pictures because the light is very even and there are not blotches of sun blasting throughout the photographs.


Here is where you can look and purchase photos from the ride:


The Indy-Run shows up first, but this also shows you many other rides from recent years. Take advantage of the new pricing on all these rides.

After the ride, I took a lot of nice portraits of riders with their horses.AK7E0015

And some fun ones too! Hope you enjoy them.


Please use the buttons below to share the ride with your friends. Here are some parting shots.

AK7E0851  AK7E0871

AK7E0872    AK7E0874

Peter DeMott Photography
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