Canon 1D mark IV

It’s been over ten years I am sure since I purchased a new camera and I am ready. My friend Lynne Glazer told me that I would love the Canon 1D mark IV which is no longer in production. I’ve been watching as used ones came available at B&H video and camera and at KEH. They came and went, came and went, came and went.

But, last week one came up in KEH in excellent + condition and I went for it. It arrives on Thursday of this week.

On February 21st I am hosting the PPSO Bonus Event here at my studio. We will have some models and a hand full of photographers trying out lighting ideas and working together to learn more. If you are a photographer, you are invited. Here is more information about it

For me it will be my opportunity to play with my new gear. I’ll be reading my manual through several times before then.

I’ll be going from 8MP to 16.1MP sensor, but much of the other features of the camera are the same as my current camera, except that this also does video which could be fun.

Sometimes I buy things that I never end up using, but I am figuring this will be used as much as my current camera was being used. This season will have more opportunities and more fun as Patty and I have figured out some things that will open up our schedule some this summer. I’m looking forward to it.

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