Dana is a lovely girl that I photographed in the fall

senior portrait with horse  Dana by old farm equipment at historic Carriage Hill Farm  full length pose with horse

 After talking with her mom, we decided to create an album

I am working with a graphic designer to custom design each album and the albums are leather-bound with photographic pages. This is not a press printed product with the standard book pages, but each page is printed photographically onto photographic paper. I also go ahead with additional things like full color correction on every image.


I have one sample album from another senior, but I will also be ordering a studio sample of this album to show people. Dana’s mom reminded me that I had pictures of Dan riding her horse at a local horse show last year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to include some of those in the design of the album? Yes, of course it would.


Below is the link to the album. In order to look, you will have to enter your name and email address, but please do NOT use the comment feature on the online display of the album. Click on the link or the photo below and take a look, then come back to this blog and make any comments you want to make here.


Click on the picture below or this link to see the custom designed pages: Dana’s Album  Then come back here and click on the comment button on this blog.

Dana's Album

Peter DeMott Photography
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