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A talented fine art portrait photographer who doesn’t get notices on the Internet

Today I visited a photographer’s web site in Zurich. She had posted on a Photography Business group on LinkedIn and explained that she was not very good at “marketing” and needed some help.

I like the style of her work. She does a lot of very interesting things, but I could immediately see why her web site was not generating much activity for her. She has very little “content” in her web site. What I mean by content is WORDS. You see Google can not read pictures and Google cannot read FLASH either. So a lovely web site that has few words will hardly be seen by Google. If the entire site is FLASH then it is for all practical purposes invisible to Google and organic searches by consumers.

This particular site is not a Flash web site, but it does have very few words so here is what I told her. But, first before you read what I said, go take a look at the site and tell me what content you would add (what words) to help more people visit the site and to help people want to have their portrait taken by this talented photographer.


SEO advise for a photographer in Zurich

Here is what I told her:

“It appears that you have a blog site which could give you good traffic, however you are not adding content so that google and other search engines can find you. Here are things that you need to add to your site. You can do this with blog posts or by adding pages to the site.

* An introduction to YOU including your photograph and how you came to be a photographer and the types of photography that you enjoy and want to do.

* Where you are located. Add your city/country to the bottom of each post with your name and phone number as well. Google gives priority to LOCAL searches. If someone searches for a portrait photographer in Zurich it will find you first. Also, if I am in OHIO USA, I need to be able to see quickly that I will not be able to hire you for a portrait session even though I like your style. However, I also need to know more about your event photography which I could perhaps buy a photo from.

* EVERY POST should have “content”, that is WORDS THAT DESCRIBE the photo session or the event. Where, when, who, what you liked about the people or the event. These are the words that help google FIND YOU and match you up with people looking for a photographer. Google cannot read photographs and has no idea who to send to you if all there are is photographs on your site.

Each Helga photo should explain something about what it is. A short paragraph is sufficient. One or two sentences. Where, when, what, why, etc.

In your portraits you can explain why you like black and white for your portraits and the ageless beauty of a fine art portrait…..etc.

Are you shooting with FILM? If so, then your posts should talk about that. Why, where processed, how printed etc. Always use short paragraphs of one to 3 or 4 sentences with a return separating the paragraphs. If you look at my posts, you will see that I also headline the paragraphs for easy reading.

Take a look at my blog/web site. Each time that I add “content” my page views go up. When you get to 30-50 posts with “content” in them you will start seeing a significant increase in page views. In September of 2009 I had about 500 page views in a month. July is my new highest page views at over 10,500 views.”

I have been working with a self hosted WordPress blog web site for just under two years now. There should be several other related posts listed below if you want to read further about SEO for photographers.

Can you help Aline with some ideas?

I hope you will take a look at Aline Marandet’s web site and tell her some ideas you have about the “content” that would draw you to her site and make you want to have her do a portrait session for you or your family. Add a comment below and if she subscribes to this post she will get each of your thoughts as they are approved. I will send her an email encouraging her to place a comment as well so that each new comment will come to her as well.

Another thing that can draw in clients is posts that express something about Aline’s personality, what she loves in life and why she enjoys recording timeless portraits of families and young children.

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