We started with Dana’s frisky haflinger

Dana rides her haflinger almost every day according to her mom. We met for her senior portraits at the horse trailer parking area at Carriage Hill Metro Park in Huber Heights, Ohio. A couple of stable buddies were there for a short ride, so Dana’s horse was pretty frisky. We did not have any problems though and her horse perked his ears frequently as he heard the other riders just down the path.

Senior portrait with horse

I’m only sharing a few images as Dana’s senior portrait sneak peek which I also shared on Facebook.

senior portrait with horse

After shooting with the horse for a little while, Karin, Dana’s mom took the horse back to the stable so that we could explore the Carriage Hill park for places for more portraits. Just looking at Dana with her little haflinger made me think of how much fun she must have riding him almost every day. I think they have a blast together.

full length pose with horse

We found some nice spots at the Carriage Hill Visitor Center where history is reenacted every weekend. There are fields plowed by man and horse and many other displays and activities for the family, especially families with kids. But, today was a weekday evening and we were just looking for nice spots to pose Dana for her senior portraits.

Dana's on location senior portraits

Dana by old farm equipment at historic Carriage Hill Farm

Dana's senior portraits at Carriage Hill Farm

Karin helped by holding a reflector for me for some of the pictures throughout the session. It always helps to have mom or a friend along to help out. There are many more pictures which Karin and Dana will get to choose from for Dana’s enlargements, perhaps an album, and gift prints for family and friends.


This is a typical “walk through the park” portrait session. It makes for more relaxed and comfortable posing and conversations to relax my subject. Dana had one more outfit that we also photographed, but I usually only show 3-4 images in my sneak peek images.


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