Great examples of portrait photography posing and ideas

I’ve been having fun on Pinterest over the past month or so gathering examples of creative family poses, creative senior portrait poses and even creative equine portraits. On Pinterest when you re-pin something it always takes you back to the original pin and usually it shows you the originator of the actual image. If I pin something directly from another photographers web site, I always add the name of the photographer in the comments section under the photo. I think this is only professional courtesy as I do not want anyone to think that some of the images were taken by me.

At the same time, I have many of my own images represented on my pin boards. Images that are my own always have “© Peter DeMott, www.photosbypdemott” right on the image in a non-obtrusive way. If you are a photographer and you rely only on the meta data on your image your images could be doing a little more work for you. Place a logo and web address on your images when ever you place them on the internet period. It is only wise.

Creative family portrait poses:

Family portrait posing idea gathered on pin board on Pinterest

Creative senior portrait and senior pic poses:

Creative senior portraits on Pinterest pin board


Creative posing for photographic portraits

Here are some lovely equine and horse and rider poses for photographic portraits:

Equine portrait posing and horse and rider portraits

I hope that you will visit my Pinterest boards frequently as I add new portraits almost daily. Almost all of my boards are about portrait photography and better posing and learning about photography as well. Please leave a comment here if you enjoyed your visit to my pin site. Much appreciated.

Also, if you are in the area of the photographers that I have pinned as examples, please schedule a portrait session with them to take advantage of their talent to create lasting mementos of your family, your children, and your equine companions and pets. Have fun on Pinterest.

If you would like to see all the images that have been pinned to other people’s pin sites from my web site:

Peter DeMott Photography pins on Pinterest

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