As one of the hosts of The Equine Photographers Podcast, I am looking around the web and seeing some outstanding photography from all over the world. Today I am going to share the work of someone we interviewed in August. We will be sharing her episode soon.

Posing women with their horses

In the mean time, I want to share some of her work here and tell my audience that I would like to do some similar photography with girls and their horses. I would just send you to Anette except that she lives in Norway. Here is her website so that you can get additional inspiration:!portefolie-hest2/cza1

Anette Augestad is very talented and is a relative new photographer which we found amazing given the work that she is putting out. I want to encourage you to visit her website and be inspired by her beautiful work. Photography is not her full-time career which is giving her the freedom to do what she wants to when setting up portraits. In some cases she is using models and borrowed horses and in other cases she has been commissioned by people who are seeing her work. She is also working with a makeup artist when possible and scouts out lovely locations for her sessions.

What I am looking for here in the USA in Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio

I’d like to find some subjects who have have a similar vision. People who would like to create some portraits along the lines of those you see here. I am looking for individuals who want to create similar breathtaking images similar to these who are willing have a makeup artist help with makeup and hair and  who have perhaps a beautiful dress or outfit that they would like to be photographed in with their lovely horse. Obviously we cannot copy Anette and her vision, but we can be inspired by it and come up with our own.

Normally I am inspired by the old pros in portrait photography, but Anette’s work, even though she is relatively new to equine portraits is classical and inspiring to me.

Looking at Annette’s web site for inspiration, we will go out and carefully ,with no hurry, capture similar images as what Anette Augestad is creating in Norway. Not copies, (each photographer has their own vision) but images inspired but what she is doing. I encourage you to visit the podcast for equine photographers for her episode when it goes live in the next month or so: Http://

©Anette Augestad


Anette Augestad3

Anette Augestad

I also want to congratulate Anette for her outstanding work. If you live in Norway, you have some major talent and an inspiring photographer who you should hire if you own a horse. Anette just announced that her Facebook page has over 5,000 LIKES and is growing fast. No wonder, with the images she is sharing everyone with a horse would love to have her sharing on their feed.

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