I’ve been sharing portraits and pictures that I took several years ago on my Facebook PAGE. Why? Because in Ohio it has been raining and nothing is green yet outside. Much of my work comes when it gets nicer outside and for those with horses, when they have shed out their winter coats. I have a couple more weeks at least before things become more photogenic for location photography.

I have noticed that sharing photographs regularly on my Facebook Page has increased traffic, reach, and discussion on my PAGE. I guess Facebook is a mini blogging site in reality and it is demonstrating to me that it is important to continue posting here on my website/blog on a regular basis as well. The pictures in this slide show are from 2007-2008 and are from local horse shows and regional trail events (either endurance rides or Competitive trail events). I am going to continue digging through my hard drives to dig up images that I enjoy and share them with you, at least until everything in Ohio greens up OR I get my country barn studio functional (not far away). You can LIKE or visit my Facebook Page here: http://www.facebook.com/PeterDeMottPhotography

Soon, I will have my country barn studio up and running so that I can do studio photography throughout the year. I will no longer be controlled by Ohio weather with regard to photography. Then  it will be all about my ability to market both my studio and my on-location portrait work.

In 2007-2008 I had a focus mostly on equine photography, In my next batch of photos that I’ll be sharing, I am sure that I will have plenty of senior portraits as well which now represents a good portion of my photography business here in the Dayton area.


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