SEE UPDATE BELOW: “Black Sheep Boogie Dodges a Bullet”

Great management and lots of great help from Oaats volunteers and works from Elkins Creek Horse Camp were handed challenges from nature. Nature had its way with the Black Sheep Boogie Endurance ride with heavy rains just before the day of the ride and high temperatures and humidity which all made for a very challenging event. The rain softened up some trails which had been just dandy days before.

Although it didn’t rain the days of the events, the humidity was high along with the temperatures. Congratulations to all who finished. You’ll want pictures to remember the challenges of this ride.


I am currently working on the pictures from the event. Give me till MONDAY night to load them all up and give you a link. I will give you a small peek at a couple of images from the ride. In the mean time BOOKMARK this page and check it again late Monday night. When you come back, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THE REFRESH SYMBOL on your browser so that it updates with what ever I have added.

This is the listing of the event on the website.

Photos Click HERE from the Black Sheep Boogie June 24-25, 2016 

Something NEW:

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I am offering a special for those who want to try it out. It is a gallery App that you can put on your cell phone or tablet for sharing your images from perhaps many different rides that I have photographed. This is experimental and guaranteed (if there are glitches or problems with the app, I will refund your investment). However if it proves to be more work than I anticipate, the price will go up. You will email me a list of rides and image numbers up to 25 images and I will send you a link and directions to load your gallery to your phone or tablet for sharing. The price is $120 for the custom App. (less than $5 per image.) In addition I am considering offering updates from new rides at just $20 for up to 5 images added to your App. Call with questions 937-478-6222 (or text) and email me your list (ride title from my galleries and image numbers) at

Custom App for photo sharing


Here are a couple of images to whet your appetite and inspire you to come back soon!


Black Sheep2116-1



I appreciate your business and hope that everyone will PURCHASE their images from my gallery site starting Monday night. Also, note that there are PACKAGES when you click on the Buy This button and I will also prepare images for Facebook for you for any image you purchase a print from. All I need you to do is the email me AFTER you place your order and I will email you your Facebook and other social media images.

Update: Back Sheep Boogie Dodged a Bullet

It appears that Black Sheep Boogie just dodged a bullet. Riders coming from East of the ride in West Virginia saw torrential rains, swollen rivers, flooded towns and more on June 24th. Riders called in from East of the ride to say they would not be able to fill their camping spot due to a state of emergency in West Virginia. While we suffered from the high humidity and sloppy trails in some areas from the rain that came the two days before the ride start, area to the East of the ride in West Virginia only an hour or two away was suffering devastating floods.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.18.16 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.01.18 AM







Peter DeMott Photography
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