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Nick’s Senior Portraits with an Urban Flavor

Sure, we can do something right here in Miamisburg, I said

I was talking with Nick’s mom on the phone. I had asked her what her son wanted in his senior portraits the day. I said there are the Metro Parks her around Dayton that are very nice. Some seniors are looking for something a little more edgy like portraits in front of a graffiti wall. Or that perhaps he would like something more urban in flavor. She called me back to explain that he would like something a little more urban, but can we do that with Miamisburg. I explained that we could come up with some great stuff by exploring downtown Miamisburg, Ohio together.


I drive through Miamisburg almost every day, so I had some ideas, but I drove through town again the day before the session just to look at it through my photographers eyes. I had two or three ideas and a couple of places to explore so we were good to go.


Here are several images from the shoot.



You could have lots of fun with the walk, don’t walk idea and the one way sign. I thought it was fun and could key into many interpretations for a senior as he considers his future adventures in life.



As we were walking past some older structures in a warehouse part of town, I saw these two stacks of skids. One tall stack and one short stack. I sat down on the short stack and thought it felt comfortable and told Nick, just sit here for me. With a long lens and short depth of field, the skids in the back blurred for a nice interesting background that fit what he was wearing at that time just right.



There are many more portraits by the old warehouses and several other spots where we found interesting and fun places to shoot, but those are on their selection album where they will be choosing which images they want. This is one of the last images we took and it is completely different for this senior.


This was a train crossing, but we did not get on the train tracks which is both dangerous and against the law. He did climb up a bit to get to this large bridge support I-beam and this is what we came up with. It’s one of my favorite shots from the session although there are several others that are also contenders. One of Nick’s concerns was to have some images that were not like everyone elses. I think we met that goal, although some folks will be looking for this spot as soon as they see this to do some shooting of their own here.


If you want some completely different senior portraits, let’s have a phone consultation and come up with some ideas for you. I’m looking forward to your call.

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Emma and her horses senior portrait session (Dayton senior portrait photographer)

Emma is a lovely girl who shows horses in 4H and other venues as well. She has been an equestrian for some time and Lynn, her mom, showed me a portrait they had from when she first started with one horse. Could I get a similar portrait of her now with the same horse?

It was not difficult at all to get some really nice pictures with this very photogenic horse and rider.


Here are some of the other horse portraits we took along with some we did with her alone at one of the Dayton area metro parks.






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Gorgeous Senior Portrait Keepsake Album

Dana is a lovely girl that I photographed in the fall

senior portrait with horse  Dana by old farm equipment at historic Carriage Hill Farm  full length pose with horse

 After talking with her mom, we decided to create an album

I am working with a graphic designer to custom design each album and the albums are leather-bound with photographic pages. This is not a press printed product with the standard book pages, but each page is printed photographically onto photographic paper. I also go ahead with additional things like full color correction on every image.


I have one sample album from another senior, but I will also be ordering a studio sample of this album to show people. Dana’s mom reminded me that I had pictures of Dan riding her horse at a local horse show last year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to include some of those in the design of the album? Yes, of course it would.


Below is the link to the album. In order to look, you will have to enter your name and email address, but please do NOT use the comment feature on the online display of the album. Click on the link or the photo below and take a look, then come back to this blog and make any comments you want to make here.


Click on the picture below or this link to see the custom designed pages: Dana’s Album  Then come back here and click on the comment button on this blog.

Dana's Album

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Fall Colors and Alicia G’s Senior Portrait session in Dayton Ohio (Dayton Senior Portrait Photographer)

Alicia G’s senior portraits came out so nicely. What a lovely young lady.

After rescheduling about 4 different times, we finally were able to meet up (Alicia with her mom) at one of the local metro parks for her senior portraits. She had a dress she wanted to be photographed in and then a casual outfit with blue jeans and a nice sweater.

Alicia G Fall senior portrait


Alicia G in Dayton, Ohio


Alicia G. Senior Portraits


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Dana and her haflinger (Dayton senior portrait photographer)

We started with Dana’s frisky haflinger

Dana rides her haflinger almost every day according to her mom. We met for her senior portraits at the horse trailer parking area at Carriage Hill Metro Park in Huber Heights, Ohio. A couple of stable buddies were there for a short ride, so Dana’s horse was pretty frisky. We did not have any problems though and her horse perked his ears frequently as he heard the other riders just down the path.

Senior portrait with horse

I’m only sharing a few images as Dana’s senior portrait sneak peek which I also shared on Facebook. 

senior portrait with horse

After shooting with the horse for a little while, Karin, Dana’s mom took the horse back to the stable so that we could explore the Carriage Hill park for places for more portraits. Just looking at Dana with her little haflinger made me think of how much fun she must have riding him almost every day. I think they have a blast together.

full length pose with horse

 We found some nice spots at the Carriage Hill Visitor Center where history is reenacted every weekend. There are fields plowed by man and horse and many other displays and activities for the family, especially families with kids. But, today was a weekday evening and we were just looking for nice spots to pose Dana for her senior portraits.

Dana's on location senior portraits

Dana by old farm equipment at historic Carriage Hill Farm

Dana's senior portraits at Carriage Hill Farm

Karin helped by holding a reflector for me for some of the pictures throughout the session. It always helps to have mom or a friend along to help out. There are many more pictures which Karin and Dana will get to choose from for Dana’s enlargements, perhaps an album, and gift prints for family and friends. 


This is a typical “walk through the park” portrait session. It makes for more relaxed and comfortable posing and conversations to relax my subject. Dana had one more outfit that we also photographed, but I usually only show 3-4 images in my sneak peek images.


To schedule or discuss your interests in a senior portrait session, just pick up the phone and call me at 937-478-6222, or you are also welcome to use the contact page or my email: peter@photosbypdemott.com



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Same park, same family, different girl – Dayton area senior portraits

So fun to be able to do the senior portraits for two people in the same family  

I photographed Liz Mahan a couple of years ago and received a call from Mrs. Mahan to photograph her other daughter  as well. I also appreciate what that says about what they think about my work in photography. Melissa Mahan was lovely for the session and brought a perfect variety of outfits for the time we had to shoot.

You’ll have to excuse me, it’s been some time since I have posted on my blog. I’m hoping to get back up to speed starting with this post. The web site has been updated to be more mobile friendly and I have added a few things along the way. But, I have to gather some more information about Melissa and I will add more as soon as I get the more to share.

With each outfit we walked around the park finding fun and interesting poses to photograph. Several people on Facebook have commented on her lovely smile.

Melissa Mahan by woods

The natural tones of this outfit matched perfectly with the post and wood along with the beautiful plants at the Wegerzyn Garden Center.

Soft warm colors

If you look at my portrait work, generally speaking you will not see a lot of “fad” styling and gimmicky props. If there are going to be props, they need to say something about the person and it needs to be something they relate to. My goal is to capture my subject in a way that will be pleasing and will not be out of style next year or two years from now. The last thing that I want if for a portrait to come off the wall and be placed in the back of the closet because it has gone out of style.

Melissa on park bench

Melissa's great smile 

I had a great time with Melissa and her mom making portraits that will last. In a couple of weeks I will have another senior portrait from another family who had their son’s portraits made a couple of years ago. 

Peter DeMott Photography • 937-478-6222 • peter@photosbypdemott.com • Location and studio portrait photography • I also specialize in equine portraits for those who have horses.

















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